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Biographical Data

Summary Biograhical Sketch




Tutorial on Protein Structure

Tutorial on DANFIP -
Distribution Analysis by Non-Linear Fitting of Integrated Probabilities.

Bioluminescence Studies: Research and Resources


"To the Web, To the Web." "NO! NO! I'll Scream".... -
presentation slides from a Franklin College Outreach talk.

"Renilla Green Fluorescent Protein: Discovered and Identified by Function" -
presentation slides from the historical perspective talk at the International Symposium on GFP.

"How Computers Control our World." -
presentation slides from a Franklin College Outreach talk.

"DANFIP Analysis: Seeing the Forest AND the Trees" -
Departmental Seminar, May, 1997

"The Unusual Kinetics of Rubredoxin Thermal Denaturation" -
invited presentation, Chemistry Department, New University of Lisbon, Monte de Caparica, Portugal. February, 1998

"Computational Approaches to Studies of Protein-Protein Interactions" -
Departmental Seminar, October, 1998


Courses and Course Materials

Biochemistry 612, Biochemical Data Analysis Using a PC

Biochemistry 806, Enzymology

Chemistry 901, Molecular Modeling and Computational Chemistry

Biochemistry 399 & 496HInvestigating the Architecture of Proteins, a laboratory course for Upper Division Undergraduates and its companion course for Honors Students

Inorganic Biochemistry Summer Workshop Lecture Notes and Tutorial Material

BMB 8010, Advanced Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

BMB 8110, Protein Structure-Function Relationships

BMB 8200, Molecular Modeling and Structure Computations



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